My Top Badminton Players To Win The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

On Monday, April 29, 2019, the qualification period for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has begun! Only 172 elite badminton athletes will make it in, and it will be an even harder competition to win the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Here are… Continue Reading


Japanese Badminton Players Are Rising!

Whoa, this year, the strength of the Japanese National Badminton Team has been impressive! They’ve indeed grown quite a bit and won a significant amount of titles that had never been won before. Japanese badminton players are certainly on the… Continue Reading


Does Humility Make You Better At Badminton?

Humility Quote

Recently I got an email from Jonathan Tang, founder of Swift Badminton School, telling me about how he knows an arrogant person who’s not very good at badminton and a few people who are good at what they do but… Continue Reading


Can Lee Chong Wei Make The 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

A while back, I did a blog post on Lee Chong Wei getting cancer. If you haven’t been following him, he is now able to train again although not at his maximum intensity. But with recent events and announcements from… Continue Reading


Why China’s National Badminton Team Forbids Couples To Play Mixed Doubles Together Professionally

Today we’re going to talk about a juicy topic not necessarily helping you get good at badminton, but something you may not have known before. Did you know that China’s National Badminton Team does not allow couples to play mixed… Continue Reading