Badminton Tips and Tricks #7 – How To Improve Control

Khosit Phetpradab

Whether you’re playing net shots, smashes, drops, or clears, no matter how much power you have, you won’t win any games if you miss all your shots. Control is absolutely crucial to one’s ability to play accurate badminton shots. Here… Continue Reading


Badminton Tips and Tricks #6 – Instantly Move Faster

This is going to be another post about footwork, but I will not talk about drills and exercises or badminton footwork technique. Instead, I will be giving you a few badminton tips and tricks on how to instantly move faster.… Continue Reading


Badminton Tips and Tricks #5 – How To Control Anxiety In Tournaments

Anxiety is something that hits me hard. I would say that my most significant reason for never playing well in tournaments would be getting too nervous as opposed to skill. Not playing to the best of your ability or even… Continue Reading


Badminton Tips and Tricks #4 – Personal Ways I Train My Backhand

For badminton tips and tricks #4, we are going to discuss ways to improve your backhand. I already have a post on a few backhand drills you could look at but here are some more unique training methods that I… Continue Reading


Badminton Tips and Tricks #3 – Doubles Tactics, Communication, Rotation

Fu Hai Feng and Cai Yun vs Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe Beijing 2008

In badminton, doubles is the fastest paced sport. It has so many different aspects that it could potentially even be considered as a different game than badminton singles! In this article, I will show you multiple tips and tricks for… Continue Reading


Badminton Tips and Tricks #2 – Singles Tactics

Defensive badminton shot at the back

Hi everybody and welcome to badminton tips and tricks #2. In this edition, we will be talking about some tactics you can use for both men’s and women’s singles to win your games. Most of the time, singles is the… Continue Reading


Badminton Tips and Tricks #1 – Some Footwork Tips and …Bonus!

Alright, badminton tips and tricks number 1. I’ll be doing lots of these tips and tricks in the future so if you like them, definitely give it a shout out! The first few tips in today’s article will be mostly… Continue Reading