Yonex Aerobite Badminton String Review – Revolutionary Stringing?

yonex aerobite badminton string review

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest The Yonex Aerobite badminton string is the first of a revolutionary string created by Yonex, where your racket is strung with two different strings instead of being uniform all around. But does the new stringing strategy really make a difference? Find out in my Yonex Aerobite …

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Yonex BG80 Badminton String Review – Power Shots

yonex bg80 badminton string review

Ah, the Yonex BG80 badminton string. It’s quite a popular string among the heavy smasher badminton players department. And there is substance behind the reasons why people do choose out this string. It really can produce some serious power, and it does perform reasonably well in other categories. Let me tell you more in this …

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Yonex Nanogy 98 Badminton String Review – Wrong Yonex Category?

yonex nbg98 badminton string review

The Yonex Nanogy (NBG) 98 badminton string is a pretty popular string. It has various ups and downs, but overall, it is an excellent choice as a badminton string for control players. After playing with the string for some time, I do feel like this string has been branded in the wrong category by Yonex …

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Yonex BG85 Badminton String Review – High Hitting Sound

yonex bg85 badminton string review

It’s time to reveal a little more unknown badminton strings around the world starting the Yonex BG85 badminton strings. Although it is a Yonex string which is commonly known to the first choice of many players, many people have not seen this string before. Is the string worth it? Let’s find out in my Yonex …

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Yonex BG65 Badminton String Review – The Most Durable String

yonex bg65 badminton string review

The Yonex BG65 badminton string is the most popular string from Yonex because of its durability. It’s one of the best strings for beginners to advanced players alike. If you’re ever restringing your racket and you don’t know what to string it with, you can’t really go wrong with the Yonex BG65 badminton strings. Let …

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Yonex BG66 Ultimax Badminton String Review – High Quality Shots

yonex bg66 ultimax badminton string review

The Yonex BG66 Ultimax badminton string is a powerful yet controlled string that can produce very high-quality shots when played with. In this Yonex BG66 Ultimax badminton string review, I will go through some of my experiences with the string. When you buy a high-end badminton racket, they almost never come with strings. Doing some …

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