yonex bg80 badminton string review

Yonex BG80 Badminton String Review – Power Shots

Ah, the Yonex BG80 badminton string. It’s quite a popular string among the heavy smasher badminton players department. And there is substance behind the reasons why people do choose out this string. It really can produce some serious power, and it does perform reasonably well in other categories. Let me tell you more in this review of the Yonex BG80 badminton string.


Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Power: 8.5/10

Control: 6/10

Durability: 7/10

Recommended For: Players That Like Smashing

Average Price: $12.99 USD

Where To Buy: Amazon.com

Power – The Yonex BG80’s Special

The Yonex BG80 is a power string. The power it produces feels fantastic. I have the Yonex BG80 coupled with my Yonex Nanoray Z Speed, the racket that holds the smashing record, and my smashes are crazy powerful.

Sometimes I would even whip my racket as hard as I could, and the shuttle would be almost impossible to block; even when I’m playing with a feather shuttle.

Although Yonex puts the BG80’s repulsion power rating at 8/10, I feel like it deserves a little more. Its power is rivaling the Yonex BG66 Ultimax!

The power of the Yonex BG80 badminton string is quite noticeable. When I play with my Yonex Duora Z Strike that was using the BG85 strings, my smashes were strong, but my brother could still block some of them. With the BG80 and the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed, it was a completely different phenomenon.

My brother could not block a single full power smash; even when it was aimed right at his racket.

We also played a doubles game for fun, and it was the exact same thing. With each smash, our opponents were so devastated that they would not dare lift when I was at the back.

The hard feeling and sound are also excellent with the Yonex BG80. It is a factor that is a little different for everyone, but I feel it really adds to the satisfying feeling of the overhead shots.

The only thing that I would complain about with the Yonex BG80 is that I always need a little bit of extra power. It’s just not as easy to produce power on these strings as some other ones, but it still performs well nevertheless.

Badminton String’s Control – Still Decent

The Yonex BG80 badminton strings aren’t as good in control as they are in power. My accuracy and ability to play tight to the net is about as good as the Yonex BG65 strings.

Part of the reason net shots don’t spin as much when I play with the BG80 is that I have a looser tension which I will talk about later, but even at high tensions, its control still isn’t that good.

One thing I notice that I perform severely worse at with the BG80 is my overhead backhand shots. They are much higher above the net and are consistently worse in terms of accuracy than when I play with BG85 or Nanogy 98 strings.

The reason this string isn’t as good in control as the other strings is because of its 0.68 mm stringing. That 0.01-0.03 mm difference in thickness does make quite a difference as this string is on the thicker side.

It’s not the end of the world, though. The strings still perform relatively well in terms of control and the shuttle will still go in the general direction you want the shuttle to go. It just doesn’t feel as clean as other shuttles out there.

Durability – Not The Best, But Gets The Job Done

Although the control isn’t necessarily at the top because of the Yonex BG80’s stringing thickness, that extra thickness does make a difference in terms of durability. Plus with its Multifilament and Vectran stringing, the durability does perform quite well.

Although I’ve already had one set of BG80 strings break within threeish weeks, my second one has been performing better. After multiple sessions of heavy smashing, there’s no noticeable difference except for a few small signs of the string breaking on the racket.

Another thing you may notice with these strings is that the tension lowers faster than some other strings. It’s why I cannot give the durability rating of this string above a 7 out of 10. Yonex’s score is actually 6/10 for durability if you wanted to see.

It may not be the best string in terms of durability, but it gets the job done.

Conclusion Of My Yonex BG80 Badminton String Review

Thank you for reading my Yonex BG80 badminton string review.

Are you a heavy smasher? This string definitely performs exceptionally well. And if you pair it up with the racket that holds the smashing record, the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed, you can get one of the most potent badminton smashing combinations in the world.

Get the Yonex BG80 badminton string at Amazon.com!

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave them in the comment section down below! I would love to hear and respond to whatever you have to say. As always, good luck in your games and have a great day!

Yonex BG80 Badminton String


Yonex BG80



  • Power
  • Smashing Sound


  • Control
  • Durability

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