The Get Good Or Get Jacked Challenge

Get Good or Get Jacked Challenge

Motivation has always been one of my issues. Admittedly, I would rather spend an entire day playing games than conditioning myself. However, it is common knowledge that to be great at anything, you must put in work and give up on unnecessary activities. To be a top badminton player, I have to focus on getting …

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Yonex Aerobite Badminton String Review – Revolutionary Stringing?

yonex aerobite badminton string review

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest The Yonex Aerobite badminton string is the first of a revolutionary string created by Yonex, where your racket is strung with two different strings instead of being uniform all around. But does the new stringing strategy really make a difference? Find out in my Yonex Aerobite …

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Lee Chong Wei’s Badminton Racket (A Long History)

lee chong wei's badminton racket

Lee Chong Wei was one of the greatest badminton players of all time. In this post, I will talk about Lee Chong Wei’s badminton racket throughout his entire career. By the end of this post, you will know what badminton rackets Lee Chong Wei has used in his career. Let’s jump right in! 2019 – …

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3 Weeks Of Vert Shock Training Results

3 weeks of vert shock results

Hey everybody, I’m Kevin from Get Good At Badminton and welcome to another blog post. A couple of weeks back, I started a training program called Vert Shock, which is designed to improve your vertical jump height and help you become more explosive. After about 3 weeks of training, I decided to make a video …

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What I Learned From Playing Badminton In China

After about three weeks of training in China, I learned a lot about badminton. Training in China allowed me to take a completely different perspective of badminton as a game. In this post, I will tell you about what I learned from playing badminton in China. This post is sort of like a follow-up post …

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Badminton Training Program In China (An In-Depth Guide)

badminton training program in china

Hey, fellow badminton player, it’s been a long time since I last posted here on Get Good At Badminton. I actually took a trip to Changsha, Hunan. I had the opportunity to experience a badminton training program in China for three weeks. Now that I’m back in Canada, it’s time for me to share what …

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Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Unleash Your Secret Badminton Potential

lee chong wei cheering at 2016 olympics

You have a secret badminton potential that hasn’t been unleashed yet. You can be really good at badminton, but something is stopping you. It is your belief about your own badminton skill. You are your own limiter. The only thing stopping you from becoming the best that you can be is yourself. You must change …

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Motivation Vs. Discipline – Which One You Really Need

motivation vs. discipline

Many aspiring badminton players that are trying to play more competitively are always bent up in the ideas of motivation. I need to be more motivated to train, more motivated to keep playing, more motivated, etc. However, many people forget about discipline. In this post, I will talk about disciplining yourself to get better and …

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