Alien Pros X-Dry Plus

Alien Pros X-Dry Plus Badminton Overgrip Review

Hey everyone, if you read my post on my new ambassadorship with Alien Pros, you’ll know that we’re sponsored by Alien Pros! Thus, this post will be considered a sponsored post, but I will still focus on both good and negative qualities and try to make this review as fair as possible for both our organizations’ sakes.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s my review of the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus badminton overgrip.

SummaryAlien Pros X-Dry Plus

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Thickness/Feeling: 8/10

Sweat Absorption: 9/10

Grip Style: Overgrip

Price: $2.49 USD

Quantity: 1 Grip

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Thickness and Feeling

The thickness of the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus badminton overgrip is pretty good. It’s a little bit on the thicker side which personally I like, but it is subject to opinion.

For me, the thickness actually helps me control the racket better. Like what many people commonly say, my shots are also more accurate. I definitely saw an improvement in my quality of badminton shots after putting this grip on.

The material is made of polyurethane, and it has really lovely cushioning and feels good to hold. The X-Dry Plus is one of Alien Pros softest grips. It feels nice and gives me a lot fewer callouses than my previous grips.

One thing to note is that I don’t think the X-Dry Plus overgrips are thick enough to wrap around the wood of the racket. And if you also don’t have a worn-out grip underneath, the overgrip might be a little thick. But it all depends on your hand and feel.

Sweat Absorption

The sweat absorption of the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus is crazy good. I actually feel a noticeable benefit and improvement to my play after switching to this grip.

Now I can play more relaxed because when my hands get sweaty, I don’t have to worry about the racket slipping out my hands randomly with its combination of thickness and sweat absorption. Before, using factory grips and the Yonex Mesh Overgrip, racket slips were definitely something of concern.

These grips also perform nicely in terms of how wet or sticky it feels after absorbing sweat. Again, with my last grips, it was definitely a problem where my racket would feel extremely nasty after playing for some time. With these grips, they feel relatively dry even after playing for a long time.


With all the good things said, we have to take cost into consideration. These grips come in at a price of about $2.50 USD and only contains one grip. It’s about the same price or perhaps a little more expensive than the Yonex flagship AC102EX Super Grap overgrip.

A lot of the price or at least how Alien Pros markets their grips come from their exclusive designs. While I’m relatively indifferent towards the design, I do believe they have designs that people other love or hate. Alien Pros tries to make all sorts of different, but in the end, they still have the same relative theme and look to it.


Overall, the price versus the quality of the grip is quite good. I would say that it’s probably the best grip from Alien Pros that I have tested out.

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Again, as I mentioned in the beginning, Get Good At Badminton is sponsored by Alien Pros, but we attempt to keep away as much bias as possible and make the review relatively neutral. Although you see me saying mostly good things about the X-Dry Plus, it’s because it really feels that way.

Do you have any questions, opinions, or experiences? I would love to hear them in the comment section down below! As always, good luck in your games and have a great day!

Alien Pros X-Dry Plus Badminton Overgrip


Alien Pros X-Dry Plus Badminton Overgrip



  • Grip Softness
  • Sweat Absorption
  • Thickness


  • Price
  • Design

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