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GGAB Fitness Training Regime – Day 25

Our final stability day in our GGAB Fitness Training Regime, and honestly, I’m somewhat disappointed. For some reason, both my brother and I were feeling so tired and unmotivated to train. We actually had to cut down on our training despite it being only a stability day.

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More on this in the rest of the post.

Before we get started though, make sure you check out the Badminton Training Regime #2 – GGAB Fitness Training post if you haven’t already so you can gain a basic understanding of the training we are doing.

Done? Let’s get started.

The Exercises

  1. Quick jog and stretch
  2. 5 sets of 20 pointing footwork
  3. Move forward 5 meters only using your toes
  4. Balance on 1-foot eyes closed for 1 minute for each leg
  5. Pelvic curl 10 times
  6. 3 sets of 10 shoulder flexibility exercises
  7. 3 sets of putting an arm and the opposite leg straight out from a crawling position for 30 seconds (doing both sides counts as 1 set)
  8. 3 sets of 30-second cobra stretches
  9. 1 set of 30-second vertical lunge both sides
  10. Hit a shuttle up 50 times no stopping on one leg and then switch legs
  11. 100 swings both forehand and backhand
  12. Stretch

Despite talking so much about changing up the stability days to be more productive, I wasn’t actually able to do anything. We ended up doing the exact same thing as the last stability day except with less footwork.

The exercises are not perfect, but they have helped out in our game a little bit.

Swinging a racket both forehand and backhand has helped the most. It helps us build badminton form and clean up our technique allowing us to play better.

Then when you couple swinging a racket with some badminton drills, that’s when you really start to see results in terms of power, accuracy, and the difficulty of playing the shot.lee chong wei smash

I get to train at my badminton club again tomorrow, so I will be able to see if this stability/badminton control day has really been helping my brother and I build badminton technique.

Overall, this training day still needs heavy improvement.

I want to add in more stretching activities, primarily focusing around the legs, arms, and back. After training lots at the club, improving muscle range and flexibility is something I would like to see because stiff muscles will decrease efficiency and increase the chance of injury.

But since today is the last stability day of the GGAB Fitness Training Regime, it’s a little too late to make any changes to the exercises presented on this day.

Diet and Sleep

My diet has remained pretty good. I ate three meals today. Breakfast consisted of toast and peanut butter, lunch was a protein shake and some fruit, and dinner was rice with fish, cucumbers, eggs, and greens.

It is a little smaller than what I usually consume, but today’s stability day didn’t require much in the first place anyways.

Sleep, on the other hand, has suffered its first day where I got less than optimal rest. I ended up sleeping steamed fishat 12 AM and waking up at 5 AM. That’s only 5 hours of sleep, and I can feel the lack of sleep today.

Even with a power nap during the middle of the day, today has been much more difficult for me to get through. There is another factor that is playing in as well, but I will talk about that in the thoughts and feelings section.

The only thing I can do is to try and sleep earlier today to recover some of the lost sleep.

I also need to implement meditation or some sort of habit in the early morning so that I can get more done and be able to stay more motivated.

Thoughts and Feelings

Motivation today has undoubtedly been down for both my brother and me, and it hasn’t happened before.

For some particular reason, my body was sore in many places, including my right hip, shoulder, and my right glute. It wasn’t as if we absolutely destroyed ourselves the day before.

But our body condition was the least of our worries when it came to today’s motivation and exercises.

Both of us were feeling down. We didn’t want to do anything at all, and that’s what happened. The exercise did not increase our energy as it did in the other days, and the rest of the day was as unproductive as it can get.

We literally sat down and watched a movie for the entire time.

I have identified some of our problems, though, and I will be working on a fix.

For my brother, school has started for him again. Every day he comes home exhausted and unmotivated. So when we finally reach the weekend, he’s already so tired from school that he doesn’t want to do anything else.

It’s a little bit of a different story for me. I don’t have school, but I am over-working. There are way too many things on my mind, and I can’t seem to focus on one thing right now. I am definitely feeling burnt out.

But I have to get my work done, what can I do?

This is when I have to start implementing new habits into my life that will hopefully help reduce stress and improve productivity and motivation.

There are 5 things I want to do more of and/or implement into my daily habits.

  1. Meditate
  2. Read, listen, and/or watch more motivational books, podcasts, and videos, respectively.
  3. Write down my goals every day.
  4. Exercise (new plan after the GGAB Fitness Training Regime ends).
  5. Stop looking at my phone before I sleep.

This is going to be tough, especially the stop looking at my phone part before sleeping. Trying to open at least 30 minutes before I sleep without staring at screens might just be the most challenging habit that I will have to change in my life.

But after reading so many sleep articles and listening to people talk about good sleep, I hope that this change will be able to make a significant positive impact on my life.

The other strategies are also meant to change my life for the better as well.

meditating blonde on beach

Meditating will help me clear my mind and be able to help me focus during the day a lot better. Although I haven’t tested meditating much yet, I hope that it will relieve stress and make me happier as well.

Reading, listening, and watching more motivational content will also help me strive for more. It’s also here so that I can continue to learn more. The more I learn, the more I can do.

Writing down my goals every day will help me boost my focus, as well. If I can limit the number of things that I am going to finish in one day, my productivity will start spiking, and I will feel much more satisfied with each day.

Last but not least, exercise will continue to be a significant contributor to my productivity. So far, the GGAB Fitness Training Regime has been very beneficial to my productivity and mindset, but it is starting to see some time conflicts with school and all for my brother.

Since we are now back at my club training, once the GGAB Fitness Training Regime ends, I will be following a completely different schedule for exercising. Something lighter probably.

That’s a lot I got down here! The most essential part of being successful, though will be my ability to maintain consistency with these habits. So for now, it will be one baby step at a time until I can slowly build everything I want into my life.


Now for the pictures and numbers. Here they are:

 Person 1:

person 1 day 25 front person 1 day 25 side person 1 day 25 back

person 1 day 25 back of legs person 1 day 25 front of legs person 1 day 25 side of legs

Weight: 148 lbs

 Person 2:

person 2 day 25 front person 2 day 25 back person 2 day 25 side

person 2 day 25 back of legsperson 2 day 25 side of legs person 2 day 25 front of legs

Weight: 128 lbs


Day 25 is done! I’m still a bit sad that I couldn’t keep the pace up, especially for the last week of the GGAB Fitness Training Regime, but it is what it is, and it’s time to move on.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them down below. As always, good luck in your games and have a great day!

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