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Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap Badminton Overgrip Review

One of the first overgrips I used was the Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap. It performs better than your standard factory grip, but when compared with other badminton grips, it may not be the best choice.

Learn more in my review of the Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap badminton overgrip!


Overall Rating: 5/10

Thickness/Feeling: 4/10

Sweat Absorption: 6/10

Grip Style: Overgrip

Approximate Price: $12.00 USD

Quantity: 3 Grips

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Thickness and Feeling

The thickness and feel of the Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap is definitely average. Like mentioned in the introduction, it does perform better than a standard factory grip but does not perform as well when compared to other grips.

Even though the grips are made out of polyurethane, which is a standard for most grips out there, I don’t feel as much control or power when using these grips. They also have a weird sticky feeling that takes some time getting used to.

The Yonex Mesh Grap is also fairly thin but not the thinnest overgrip in the world. It’s actually as thick as the Yonex Supergraps although they do seem like they’re smaller. It’s actually because the holes implemented throughout the grip and the general cutting off of weight on the Yonex Mesh Grap that makes it seem lighter but really it’s just lighter.

Overall, the Yonex Ac105EX Mesh Grap does perform a little better than factory grips, but it doesn’t perform as well as something like the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus grips. I also found that using the Yonex Mesh grips have cost me a few more callouses on my hand.

Sweat Absorption

Sweat absorption is something that the Yonex Mesh Grap does perform okay. It absorbs sweat fairly well and stops your hand from slipping. But as mentioned in the feeling section, it does have a sticky feeling that may throw you off.

One great thing about the Yonex Mesh Grips is how well it dissipates the moisture and sweat. Personally, I sweat a lot, so I always like to have a grip that still feels tacky after a long match. And this grip does accomplish that as after hours of playing, both my hands and the grip is still relatively dry.

It’s a vast improvement from factory grips that feel very damp after heavy usage. When I was playing with factory grips, people would never want to use my racket after I played for some time just because of how nasty it felt. With these grips, it’s no longer the case.

However, the sweat absorption qualities of the mesh grip still aren’t much to boast about. Different grips can do it just as well or even better which is why this grip’s overall rating for sweat absorption will not be that high.


One of the main reasons I ranked it so low compared to different grips is its price to quality ratio. Sitting at around $12.00 USD for 3 wraps, it’s actually one of the more expensive grips out there, and you’re just not getting the value out of it.

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The price does vary though. Sometimes, the Yonex Mesh Grap actually becomes the cheapest grip you can get from Yonex. Personally, I still feel like you can definitely perform better with other grips.


And when you combine the price, thickness, feeling, and sweat absorption to make one sole judgment, the overall rating of the Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap comes out to be 5/10 or just average.

There are undoubtedly other grips out there that you could get like the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus overgrip which both costs less and performs to a higher standard. So definitely consider other options before entirely opting in for the Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap.

Do you have your own experiences or opinions? Any questions? I would love to hear what you have to say down in the comment section below! As always, good luck in your games and have a great day!

Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap Badminton Overgrip


Yonex AC105EX Mesh Grap



  • Good Thickness
  • Decent Sweat Absorption


  • Expensive
  • Not that good quality
  • Weird Sticky Feeling

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