Yonex Aerosensa 20 vs 30 – Badminton Shuttles Versus

If you were looking to get feather shuttles for the first time, you would likely want to get a budget option. Yonex is one of, if not the biggest badminton brand so we would often head here first for products. Yonex’s budget feather shuttles are the Aerosensa 20 and 30s.

But what’s better, going for the cheapest option, the Aerosensa 20, or spending a little bit more for the Aerosensa 30?


Speed/Feel: Aerosensa 30

Durability: Tie

Price: Aerosensa 20

Verdict: The Aerosensa 30 is the overall better buy.

Buy Yonex Aerosensa 20 and Yonex Aerosensa 30


The Yonex Aerosensa 30 wins over the Aerosensa 20 for speed and feel. The more expensive tube usually means higher quality and thus better feel and speed. When I play with the Aerosensa 20s, I have to tip every single bird which signals lower quality.

Playing with the Aerosensa 30s generally feel better as well. Overall shots feel more clear and they go where I want them too. Aerosensa 20s also have a problem of being too fast even after tipping them. When I tested the shuttles with other players, the difference between feel and quality of play was quite large.


As for durability, surprisingly, both the Aerosensa 30s and 20s are about the same. Both shuttles die in a few rallies though every rally is different. At first examination, the Aerosensa 30s look like they’re more durable but after testing, there wasn’t much difference in how fast the feathers broke off.

Usually after about 5-10 intense rallies, the shuttle would be broken. And an intense rally would mean heavy smashing, clearing, and other types of shots.


Now as for price, the Aerosensa 20 is about $2.50 CAD cheaper than the Aerosensa 30 which I consider miniscule for the difference in quality. The Aerosensa 20 goes about $36.50 CAD while the Aerosensa 30 goes about $39.00 CAD. You could even go for the Aerosensa 40s, which retails for around $40.75 CAD, at this price range.


While the Aerosensa 20 is cheaper but a few dollars, the difference in quality makes the Aerosensa 30, the better buy. Having a shuttles that are too fast even after tipping indicates low quality. Even as a budget option the Aerosensa 20 is more expensive than many other brands. As for the Aerosensa 30s, they’re decent. They’re quality is okay and they’re not too expensive so the Aerosensa 30 definitely beats out the Aerosensa 20.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below, and as always, good luck in your games and have a great day!





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