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It’s been a long and crazy few months since I last posted. I was putting a lot of focus into some of the new projects I wanted to bring into Get Good At Badminton until COVID-19 hit. I had to completely shift what I was doing. So during these few months, I’ve been creating the foundations for something I really wanted to do with Get Good At Badminton in the future. And today, I’m announcing the Get Good At Badminton’s Shop Launch.

Let’s talk a little more about what’s happening.

COVID-19 and Its Effect On Get Good At Badminton

I haven’t been posting for a long time, and part of the reason was due to COVID-19. I’ve lost a lot of motivation because I couldn’t get access to any courts and didn’t produce any content.

All public badminton facilities and courts have been closed, and with that, all the tournaments as well. So there’s nothing upcoming to be really training for.

Without any courts, it’s been more challenging to produce content anyways. I couldn’t review any badminton products and couldn’t really test any badminton strategies or drills. The only things I could do was create posts on training at home and analytical videos of pro players.

At the time, I didn’t feel like it. However, I will put in the work now.

The Planned Projects

Initially, there were two things I really wanted to do. One, I wanted to create online training to help everyone who can’t afford private coaches and those that want to take their game to the next level. Two, I wanted to create a badminton store.

The first project is on hold because I can’t get access to any courts. My second project, the store, was planned for after I can sell genuine branded badminton products. For example, Yonex, Victor, and Li-Ning. Being able to do that was going to take a few months at the minimum.

Things have definitely changed, however, which I will talk about next.

Amazon Associate Slashes

Around the end of April, Amazon sent out news to all its associates/affiliates telling them that their commission rates will be cut. This is one of the ways I make money from Get Good At Badminton. I review products, and then I put in Amazon affiliate links. If you click on one of those links and buy the product, I take a percentage of the sale.

Since I write about badminton, I promote products in the sports industry. Amazon has slashed commission rates for sports from 5% to 3%.

Now, this doesn’t affect me much. To be honest, I hardly make any money from Amazon affiliate links. What did concern me, though, was a new revelation as a result of Amazon’s actions.

Why should I let my gigs be entirely controlled by another company’s actions? Why should Get Good At Badminton’s success be solely dependent on what Amazon does?

During this time, I was scrolling through my emails. I get a lot of promotional emails about ways to make money online. One thing that caught my eye, however, was a course for print on demand. Now, you may have no idea what I’m talking about, but this was what pushed me to start the Get Good At Badminton store much earlier.

I thought, “Hey, I wanted to start a store anyways, why not do it now?”

Why Not Start A Store?

Why don’t I just start this store now? I could build it and, in the beginning, focus on selling my custom designs. That’s what print on demand is. I create custom designs and put them onto clothing and other merchandise and then ship it to you if you buy.

From a business standpoint, this way is better. Any sales I make now will fund the effort into getting genuine branded products into my store, and I will have an existing customer base, which will help a lot.

And so that’s what I did.

The Get Good At Badminton Shop has been created, and I invite you to check it out!

Currently, we only sell clothing, but over time, our collection will grow, and we will offer more.

A Special Gift To You

As a gift to all Get Good At Badminton readers, use the code  GGAB  for 25% OFF your next order! I just want to thank everyone who supports Get Good At Badminton and let you know that there will be great things going forward.

Head over to to use the discount!

Stay safe!

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