Get Good or Get Jacked Challenge

The Get Good Or Get Jacked Challenge

Motivation has always been one of my issues. Admittedly, I would rather spend an entire day playing games than conditioning myself. However, it is common knowledge that to be great at anything, you must put in work and give up on unnecessary activities. To be a top badminton player, I have to focus on getting good at badminton, not video games. And so, I have devised a challenge called Get Good Or Get Jacked that I would like to share with you.

Are You Unproductive Right Now?

Do you feel unproductive right now? Sometimes I do. I’m often sitting around doing nothing but watching videos and playing games, and I wish I was doing more.

A lot of people are the exact same as me. People who usually should be in school are sitting at home and playing games. I’m looking at my brother, and he spends almost all his time on random video games.

It’s the same for me, and it sucks. How am I going to be a top badminton player when I spend all day playing games?

Thus, I have formulated a challenge to help you become more productive and condition yourself.

The Get Good Or Get Jacked Challenge

A long time ago, a friend of mine came up with the idea of doing a push up every time he died in a game. The idea was to either get really good at the game he was playing or become super fit.

I have modified the challenge a little bit and generalized it.

The idea of the challenge is to take your unproductive activities and calculate how much time you spend on those activities and then assign yourself reps for a particular exercise based on a rate. Then you will do the number of reps you have assigned yourself the next day.

For example, for every hour you watch TV, you might give yourself 10 push-ups. If you watched 3 hours of TV today, then tomorrow, you will do 30 push-ups.

The challenge is totally customizable. You can use any exercise and any activity you deem to be unproductive. Racket swings and footwork are great ideas for badminton specific exercises.

So the first thing you have to do is determine your unproductive activities. Then your next step is to figure out which exercise(s) you want to do with them. And lastly, determine your rate.

Once you have the formula set up, keep track of what you do every day and see if you have the willpower to do the exercises you have given yourself consistently.

get good or get jacked challenge

I’ve organized my challenge into a spreadsheet. I have assigned push-ups based on the games I play and how productive or unproductive I am during the day. It’s vital to keep organized like this in order to be clear of what you’re doing and to measure your results of the challenge.

The Two Outcomes

There are two outcomes. Either you become super fit, or you will stop doing unproductive tasks.

A very likely outcome is that you do not want to do the exercises and end up stopping or minimizing the amount of time you spend on unproductive tasks. That gives you more time to do productive jobs, and if you’re not doing something unproductive, you must be doing something productive.

The other outcome is that you exercise more, and you still spend a lot of time on unproductive tasks. This outcome isn’t adverse either as you will become stronger, which is beneficial to your badminton play and body in general.

One thing I noticed while doing this challenge was that you experience a little bit of both. The exercises take time and may actually eat into the time you spend on unproductive tasks. Thus, you’re training more and spending less time watching TV.

Do This Challenge With Your Friends

There is a significant flaw in this challenge. How do you stay disciplined enough so that you actually do the exercises you assign yourself? This challenge is based on the premises of punishing yourself, so you will definitely need a mind and will strong enough to take the punishments.

What has helped me immensely was doing this challenge with friends. When you have others doing the same challenge as you, you will feel more motivated to complete it.

There’s a little more excitement from the competition when you complete this challenge with your friends. Plus, you are held accountable. There’s a feeling of guilt if you don’t do the challenge, and that is often enough to make you exercise.

The first few days are the hardest to maintain discipline. Once you’ve been able to do it for a few days, the challenge not only becomes more manageable, but it becomes a habit as well.

Get Good Or Get Jacked, It’s Your Choice

Try this challenge out, and let me know how it goes for you! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will respond. I hope you have a great day and improve your game!

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