Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Unleash Your Secret Badminton Potential

lee chong wei cheering at 2016 olympics

You have a secret badminton potential that hasn’t been unleashed yet. You can be really good at badminton, but something is stopping you. It is your belief about your own badminton skill. You are your own limiter. The only thing stopping you from becoming the best that you can be is yourself. You must change …

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Motivation Vs. Discipline – Which One You Really Need

motivation vs. discipline

Many aspiring badminton players that are trying to play more competitively are always bent up in the ideas of motivation. I need to be more motivated to train, more motivated to keep playing, more motivated, etc. However, many people forget about discipline. In this post, I will talk about disciplining yourself to get better and …

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Badminton Tips and Tricks #5 – How To Control Anxiety In Tournaments

Anxiety is something that hits me hard. I would say that my most significant reason for never playing well in tournaments would be getting too nervous as opposed to skill. Not playing to the best of your ability or even how you usually play creates one of the worst feelings in the world. That’s why …

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How To Really Get Good At Badminton – The Mindset and Genetics

I’ve actually written a post about how to get good at badminton already, but it is a post that focuses on skills you must develop. Things like needing proper technique, training footwork, and being able to play a multitude of different strategies. But in reality, skills are only a small fraction at how to make …

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What Makes A Great Badminton Player – From The Talent Perspective

What makes a great badminton player? Is it their skills, their overwhelming strength, and stamina, or something else? The truth is, it’s a combination of everything. But that’s one of the most generic answers out there. Today, we’re going to take a look at what makes a great badminton player in the talent perspective. Common …

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