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Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Unleash Your Secret Badminton Potential

You have a secret badminton potential that hasn’t been unleashed yet. You can be really good at badminton, but something is stopping you. It is your belief about your own badminton skill. You are your own limiter. The only thing stopping you from becoming the best that you can be is yourself. You must change your limiting beliefs to unleash your secret badminton potential.

Interested in removing your limiters and becoming the best you? Read on.

Power Of Beliefs

Let’s talk a little more about beliefs. Your beliefs about who you are are what define you.

These beliefs can be good or bad.

I first realized this after watching a masterclass from MindValley with Marisa Peer. She’s exceptionally well known for her rapid transformational therapy, where after you listen to her, you completely change.

During that masterclass, she talked about beliefs defining who you are. If you believed that you were reaching for the sunlightfat, then that’s what you would become. If you think that you could do anything, then you could really do anything.

Belief is a potent tool that transforms people.

Have you ever heard of the placebo effect?

If you haven’t, it’s a situation where the power of believing something causes a phenomenon to happen.

A common situation where this is seen is when doctors occasionally prescribe fake pills to sick patients. Those ill patients don’t know that the medicine is false, and as they’re taking it in, they believe that it will cure them. That power of belief is so strong that after taking those pills, it kickstarts the body to heal all by itself.

After watching the masterclass, I’ve learned how one surgeon took this effect to the next level.

A surgeon conducted a test with 10 different people who had knee arthritis. He actually performed surgery for two people. For the other 8 people, the surgeon merely cut open the skin and sewn it back up.

When the 10 people awoke from their “surgery,” all 10 people claimed that they had no knee pain anymore and that their arthritis was fixed. Yet, there were only two people who actually received surgery.

What happened?

The power of the belief that they had a proper surgery from the scar on their knees caused their bodies to kickstart itself and start healing rapidly.

I’ve seen it up and personal too.

One time, my grandparents living in China were very sick. My dad wanted to help them out and sent them some supplements from Canada.

After they took the supplements, they started instantly feeling better and slowly recovered back to health.

Then another time, they started feeling ill again. My dad didn’t send them any medication, and placebo effectinstead, they bought the same kind that my dad sent them in China. But the strange thing was, they didn’t feel any better.

So then my dad sent them the same kind they bought in China from Canada, and once again, they started feeling better.

The leading cause was that my grandparents had this belief that western medicine was superior to eastern medicine. That anything to come out of Canada or the United States were miracle reliefs that China could not reproduce.

So even though the exact same brand and type of medicine were available in both Canada and China, that power of belief was so strong, allowing my grandparents to kickstart themselves after taking stuff from Canada.

Our Limiting Beliefs Make Who We Are

So how does the placebo effect affect us in badminton?

Well, our badminton skills depend on the power of what we believe. Unfortunately, if you’re on this post, then it most likely means you have limiting beliefs that actually crush your badminton potential.

I personally had this issue.

I always believed that I sucked or was average at badminton, and that’s what I was.

Every time I would go train at my club, I would be in the middle of the pack. Not the best, but not the worst, either. I always thought that I was in the middle, that I was still number two.

I believed that I was void of talent and could never get good at badminton.

And that was my life. In my grade 10 year, I played multiple tournaments, trained for real at a club, and I saw no results. I never lost everything in my tournaments or club training. Still, I never won ever enough to make it into quarter-finals.

Find The Roots Of The Problem

It doesn’t always have to be that way, though.

You can define your beliefs first. Get rid of the ideas that you can’t do something and replace it with the belief that you can do anything. It’s a lot easier said than done, though.

You have to hack at the root of your limiting beliefs.

To change your limiting beliefs, you need to find the situations that caused them and why they are so powerful. Then you need to debunk them as myths with equally powerful beliefs.

Go back in time and think. What made you think of yourself as a failure?

Unfortunately, sometimes, it’s not even your fault. It can be people saying things about you and experiences proving those things right.

One day, I was back in time and thinking about what made me a failure. What stopped me from going far in my badminton journey?

I was thinking about my belief that I was an average player that could never get good at badminton. Where did that come from? Because I wasn’t born thinking of myself as a failure.

It hit me that it was a few things other people were saying and situations that enforced what they said.

I remember when my parents were talking to some of their friends and acquaintances about their kids and how they played sports like soccer and basketball. My parents’ friends asked them, “Hey, what sports does your kid play?”

“Oh, Kevin’s a badminton player,” my mom responded.

“That’s really cool. Are you any good, Kevin?”

Just as I was about to say something, my mom cut in, “Oh, he’s just average.”

I was the joke of the family. Every time my dad facetimed my grandparents, he would come into my room, and I would listen to my grandparents pester my dad about getting me to study harder at school and go to a good university.

My dad would always mockingly tell them, “Don’t worry about Kevin, he’s going to make it big and play badminton in the Olympics!” For some reason, my dad always had to be in my room when he says that.

But that dream that I had really became a joke after playing a few tournaments and training at my club.

I won a few games, and then I lost a bunch. Then I saw a bunch of kids years younger than me absolutely crush the people that I lost to. If I couldn’t even break the top 10 in my province, how am I going to play in the Olympics?

Then the limiters really started kicking in. I couldn’t do anything, I was just average.

Find The Roots Of Success

The good news is that you can change yourself. Once you find those situations that caused your limiting belief, you need to disprove the belief and start supporting new beliefs that promote progressive change in yourself.

Once I realized when and why I first started to believe that I couldn’t do anything in badminton, I needed to reflect on my previous success and see different paths to success.

I wasn’t always considered a failure or just average. There were times when I was special too.

When I was in elementary school, I was prodigal. I was the best at badminton at my school, and I always had rapid growth. I was cited as a fast learner and someone who was really easy to work with.

First, just by realizing the success that I had before, I started breaking down the limiting belief. If I was the best before, I could do it again.

You may be thinking right now, “Oh Kevin, but I never had success in my life before.” And that’s BS.

It doesn’t have to be winning a badminton tournament in the past or even anything related to badminton. You need to find the small successes as the significant victories stem out of the starting seeds.

Look at yourself and think of times when you felt accomplished. I know that it’s quite tricky when you’re not feeling accomplished at the moment, but trust me, there were situations in the past where you were victorious.

Maybe the games you played? Getting a good mark on a test? No matter how insignificant it may seem, find those happy moments.

Second, once I found those happy moments, I realized that there was a forgotten path that I took to reach it. If I could remember the pathways to success, then all I had to do was replicate it.

Just like how I wasn’t born a failure, I wasn’t born a success either.

What caused me to be praised by those around me? How did I ever learn how to play badminton in the first place? I had to go to the roots of my success and relive the experience.

Back in grade 4, I was pretty reluctant to play badminton. Unlike soccer, there was no will to get really good at it. But one day, my mom signed me up for my Chinese school badminton classes.

And I was hooked.

I hit the shuttle back and forth with horrible technique and footwork, but it was fun. Fundamentally, though, I was a very competitive person.

I wanted to win.

When I go back, the skill level of the class was quite low at the time. Basically, whoever knew how to and had the strongest smash was the best player.

I didn’t know how to smash at the time, but I knew that if I knew, I would be a dominant player. I started asking other players that knew how to smash to show me their swings. I was asking the coach of the class on how to do it. I even started watching YouTube videos teaching me how to smash.

I kept practicing and practicing, until one day, I got it! I learned how to smash!

From that day on, I became feared for my smashes. My smashes were what made gym class dangerous and to play against me was reserved for exclusively the brave.

But I never continued improving my smash or any other aspect of my badminton game, so my drive for my improvement went down. But now I knew, the path to success was reachable.

Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Unleash Your Secret Badminton Potential

When you understand what caused you to believe certain things, it’s time to change.

Think about all the limiting beliefs you have and provide evidence from your successes that they are not valid. That they can be disproved.

This will be particularly difficult as failures hurt more than the happiness success gives.

But I believe that you have a secret badminton superpower that hasn’t been unleashed yet. You just need to believe in yourself.

After I realized the limiters I had put on myself, I started disproving them using the success that I had. From deep self-reflection, I knew that I was better than what other people have described me as. I knew that I was better than what I used to think of myself.

I wasn’t missing talent, skill, or any stamina, it was already in me.

I changed my belief to one where I wasn’t such an average player, and I instantly saw results. I wasn’t the best in my club just yet, but I started playing at much higher speeds and stamina.

Delete your limiting beliefs by showing yourself that success is possible and that you know the route.

How Much Do You Want To Get Good At Badminton

Are you having trouble trying to get rid of limiting beliefs? Do you maybe have too many limiting beliefs?

There are a lot of limiting beliefs that I want to tackle and show you how to get rid of. I’ve heard and experienced them all.

  • I need private coaches to succeed
  • I need money
  • I need time
  • I have bad genetics
  • I have no talent

There are many false beliefs that I want to destroy, but unfortunately, this post will be too long to cover them all. I may include them in other posts, so make sure you comment below if you want to see them!

But what it really comes down to, is you.

If you want to succeed at badminton, you will need to do it for yourself. I can only give guides and what I think, but I can’t go into your head to change beliefs.

How much do you really want to get good at badminton? If you want it enough, then nothing will stop you.

Get rid of those limiting beliefs hiding in your head and replace them with beliefs showing you the pathways to success. Anyway, check out some other posts on Get Good At Badminton and have a great day!

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