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GGAB Fitness Training Regime – Day 4

Hi everyone! Today was one of the more intense days so far in the GGAB Fitness Training Regime. Day 4 was full of endurance exercises like running, and it was definitely a demanding but rewarding day. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

But first, make sure you go check out the previous 3 days of training as well as the Badminton Training Regime #2 – GGAB Fitness Training post so you can catch up on some of the material.

Good? Let’s go.

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The Exercises

Today’s exercises were a lot less in quantity. However, I felt they were much more rigorous. Here are the activities:

  1. Quick jog and stretch
  2. 10 sets of 20 pointing footwork
  3. Jog for 30 minutes
  4. Skip for 10 minutes
  5. Cooldown and stretch

Although the exercises look relatively simple, I promise they are much harder to pull off than you think. This is the first day where I actually haven’t been able to complete some of the exercises.

I was only able to complete the footwork and stretching exercises successfully. The other two were skip rope silhouettedefinitely a lot more difficult than I thought. I’ll get into more about how I did in the activities in the Thought and Feelings section.

As for what I was aiming for with these exercises was a test of endurance. Jogging, skipping, and the increased sets of footwork will all help me last longer on the badminton court in matches.

How long you can last in a badminton match is one of the most crucial factors that will allow you to win, and I certainly wanted to improve my fitness and durability.

Both jogging and skipping for long durations of time will improve your ability to play long rallies, but they’ll also enhance your footwork lightness and efficiency; especially the skipping.

For my brother and I, just a combination of footwork, jogging, and skipping was plenty for endurance training.

Diet and Sleep

I slept a little late on day 3 as well. From about 12:00 AM to 9:00 AM, I still got about 9 hours of sleep, but working on sleeping earlier is still an issue.

Although despite sleeping late, my brother and I are still feeling plenty rested for each day’s training. I guess that means the amount of sleep you’re getting is more important than when you sleep. I still believe in sleeping earlier, though.

Today, we finally improved our diet even with ourselves getting up at 9 in the morning. Today we had 3 meals.

In the morning, we had a few pieces of baked goods, a banana, and some water. Then at lunch, we had ramen noodlesnoodles with an egg and a piece of meat included. Finally, at dinner, we went out to eat and ate a combination of tofu, chicken with other vegetables, some greens, and rice.

Overall, we were much less hungry, which definitely felt better.

The goals that I still need to accomplish are sleeping earlier. Although with what time I am writing this blog post (10:29 PM), it may not be something accomplishable in the foreseeable future… we’ll try though.

Thoughts and Feelings

Like mentioned above, my brother and I weren’t able to successfully complete the jogging and the skipping.

I personally stopped jogging when there were 5 minutes and 40 seconds left on the timer while my brother stopped at around 2 minutes although he took a flatter route.

What really killed me was going up on a somewhat steep hill. I found it very easy to keep going once I established a rhythm on flat/downhill surfaces. For most of the time, that’s what we were on.

I was able to push myself uphill without stopping, but once I reached the flatter ground, I could not continue going.


Skipping was an even sadder story. I realized that my brother and I were never really good at skipping, nor did we jump rope much. I had a realization after watching ourselves hit the rope on our legs or head and restart that we needed to practice skipping.

The sound of our feet were also tell-tale signs at our inexperience and lack of ability. While regular skipping is supposed to be light and has minimal noise, our footsteps sounded like we were trying to make a hole in the ground!

That being said, I will not make any changes to these exercises.

Jogging is already so close. We’ve almost lasted the entire thing already! Just need to push ourselves a little bit further and continue training, and we will improve so much.

As for skipping, our mistakes and lack of ability show where our weaknesses are. From analyzing my own gameplay, one of my personal inadequacies come from how hard I’m hitting the ground. Lightening my footwork and making it more efficient is one of my top priorities as it will help not only stamina on the court but speed as well.

Even with all the mistakes and stops, we will both try to continuously push for a solid 10 minutes of skipping without stopping.

I loved these exercises today too. I feel like these exercises may be the top exercises for my improvement

tai tzu ying picture
Tai Tzu Ying has some of the lightest footwork

in badminton out of the first 4 days.

What’s even better is that both my brother and I were more energized to get things done. Running is an exercise that has always been pretty refreshing for me, though.

Over the next few weeks when we do these exercises again, I don’t really plan on extending the time or adding sets but rather increase the speed I do these exercises at.

That’s about it for today! So far I feel like the exercises today won’t hurt our ability to perform that much for tomorrow as tomorrow is increasing speed day which I planned for to be the most intense.


And of course, let’s look at some pictures and stats. Although I planned to include distance ran in 30 minutes, I actually forgot to record that down so unfortunately, for this week I don’t have anything to show. So it’s just going to be weight and the pictures.

Person 1:

person 1 day 4 back person 1 day 4 sideperson 1 day 4 front

person 1 day 4 side of legs person 1 day 4 back of legs person 1 day 4 front legs

Weight: 141 lbs

Person 2:

person 2 day 4 side person 2 day 4 back person 2 day 4 front

person 2 day 4 front legs person 2 day 4 back of legs person 2 day 4 side of legs

Weight: 117 lbs

As you can see, both of us have actually gained weight. However, I believe this comes from muscle since muscle is denser, which means more muscle, which means more weight. We are both pretty skinny so I wouldn’t be surprised if we bulked up a little.

As each day passes, I’m feeling more energetic and stronger. Slowly over time, results are sure to show in a more objective manner as well.


That’s it for today’s post! See everyone tomorrow for speed training! I’m also excited to see what results I can push out as I will try my best to record some of our stats.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below in the comment section, and I will be happy to answer! As always, good luck in your games and have a great day!

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