Alien Pros X-Tac Badminton Overgrip Review

The Alien Pros X-Tac badminton grip is one of the supposedly, higher-end grips from Alien Pros. These grips do perform well, but are they really worth their price? Find out in this review.

As you all may know, Get Good At Badminton is an ambassador of Alien Pros and thus I must make this disclaimer. Although Get Good At Badminton is sponsored by Alien Pros, I will attempt my best at an unbiased and fair judgment of their grips.


Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Thickness/Feeling: 8/10

Sweat Absorption: 8/10

Grip Style: Overgrip

Price: $3.33 USD

Quantity: 1

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Thickness and Feeling

The Alien Pros X-Tac badminton grips feel quite good. They’re noted as the tackiest grip from Alien Pros, and they live up to that name.

They supposedly have highly flexible material meant to produce a balanced feel. Do they accomplish this? They do the job quite nicely.

When I’m playing with the Alien Pros X-Tac grip, my hand does not slip at all, and I feel way more secure. I do feel like there’s something as too tacky though mostly in a way that if a grip is too tacky, it becomes sticky. It has more to do with the sweat absorption which I will talk about in another section.

The Alien Pros X-Tac badminton overgrip is quite thin. It’s about the same thickness, or maybe a little thinner, as the Yonex Mesh Grap. The thickness is suitable for my hand, which are semi-large but it doesn’t push out the amazingness that the X-Dry Plus produced.

An issue that isn’t related too much to thickness and feeling though is its durability. Having only played a little bit with the grip so far, I can see parts of the grips being burnt off especially at the bottom side of the handle. Other than this issue, the Alien Pros X-Tac badminton grip performs reasonably well in terms of thickness and feel.

Sweat Absorption

I talked a little about how a grip can sometimes have this gross feeling of being too sticky. It’s usually a result of the grip’s ability to absorb sweat. The Alien Pros X-Tac overgrip is relatively good at absorbing sweat, but it’s not outstanding or anything.

One of its main problems is its ability to get rid of the sweat. It may keep your hands dry, but it doesn’t entirely move the sweat somewhere else. This can lead to the grip becoming a little moister or sticky.

Overall, it’s still pretty good at absorbing sweat, it’s just not as good as something like the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus.


The Alien Pros X-Tac badminton grips perform quite well. But are they worth the price? That’s the most crucial question.

Unfortunately, I’m going to say no. At $3.33 USD for one grip, it just doesn’t perform as well as I want it to. Compared to something like the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus, it is lacking. After playing with both grips as well as a few others, the Alien Pros X-Dry Plus performs better at a lower price.

The Alien Pros X-Tac overgrip is actually close to the price of towel grips which are generally more expensive than PU grips. Where is all that money going?

Well, it’s going to things like design and the eco-friendliness of the grip. If you haven’t heard of Alien Pros, they are a company specializing in designer grips for things like baseball bats, tennis rackets, and of course, badminton rackets. These designs are always hit or miss meaning that some people may like them, some people may not want them.

There are several to choose from though, and sometimes paying a little extra for those designs may be worth it. Design is always subjective, so I cannot make it an advantage or disadvantage. I’m mostly indifferent to designs anyways.

The eco-friendliness, on the other hand, may actually be a downfall to the grip. Alien Pros claims it has an eco-friendly hydrophylic coating and biodegradable material which I do believe just because that may be the reason for the stickiness and low durability respectively.

Amid all of that, the Alien Pros X-Tac overgrip is still performs exceptionally well, and it’s not outrageously overpriced.


The verdict?

The Alien Pros X-Tac overgrip performs well, but it is overpriced at $3.33 USD for one grip, thus the overall rating sits at 7.5/10. They have minor flaws that sometimes prove to be annoyances like the sticky feeling and some subjective things that vary from person to person such as the thickness and design.

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What do you think? Would you buy the Alien Pros X-Tac badminton overgrip? Tell me in the comment section down below! As always, good luck in your games and have a great day!

Alien Pros X-Tac Badminton Overgrip


Alien Pros X-Tac Badminton Overgrip



  • Tacky
  • Balanced Feel
  • Good Sweat Absorption
  • Thin


  • Expensive
  • Weird Stickiness
  • Low Durability

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