3 Weeks Of Vert Shock Training Results

3 weeks of vert shock results

Hey everybody, I’m Kevin from Get Good At Badminton and welcome to another blog post. A couple of weeks back, I started a training program called Vert Shock, which is designed to improve your vertical jump height and help you become more explosive. After about 3 weeks of training, I decided to make a video …

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What I Learned From Playing Badminton In China

After about three weeks of training in China, I learned a lot about badminton. Training in China allowed me to take a completely different perspective of badminton as a game. In this post, I will tell you about what I learned from playing badminton in China. This post is sort of like a follow-up post …

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Badminton Training Program In China (An In-Depth Guide)

badminton training program in china

Hey, fellow badminton player, it’s been a long time since I last posted here on Get Good At Badminton. I actually took a trip to Changsha, Hunan. I had the opportunity to experience a badminton training program in China for three weeks. Now that I’m back in Canada, it’s time for me to share what …

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GGAB Fitness Training Regime – Weekly Recap 3 (Day 21)

lin dan celebrate london

Wow, I can’t believe it! We’re almost done the entire GGAB Fitness Training Regime! Just one more week until we finally finish the training. It’s time to push ahead and learn even more about ourselves and how we can improve. Like the other weekly recaps, I won’t be including the things I did for the …

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GGAB Fitness Training Regime – Day 12

lee chong wei badminton player

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 12 of the GGAB Fitness Training Regime. Today is another day where we challenged ourselves with our fitness training regime. Today was all about increasing our speed with short interval exercises done at maximum intensity. Before we get into some of the individual exercises, you should first check out the …

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How To Really Get Good At Badminton – The Mindset and Genetics

I’ve actually written a post about how to get good at badminton already, but it is a post that focuses on skills you must develop. Things like needing proper technique, training footwork, and being able to play a multitude of different strategies. But in reality, skills are only a small fraction at how to make …

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Viktor Axelsen Badminton – A Player Study

Viktor Axelsen, the 2017 World Champion from Denmark, has many strengths that push him to the top but as well as weaknesses that are preventing him from consistently winning tournaments. Let’s analyze Viktor Axelsen’s badminton and see how his game can help us. Player Specifications As of January 26, 2019, Date of Birth: January 4, …

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Tai Tzu Ying Badminton – A Player Study

The current world number 1 women’s singles player has a unique playstyle allowing her to win tournaments consistently. Tai Tzu Ying from Taiwan is a player that has been doing very well currently. Having played badminton at an international stage at the age of 15, Tai Tzu Ying is a very spontaneous player. Let’s see …

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Badminton Tips and Tricks #3 – Doubles Tactics, Communication, Rotation

Fu Hai Feng and Cai Yun vs Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe Beijing 2008

In badminton, doubles is the fastest paced sport. It has so many different aspects that it could potentially even be considered as a different game than badminton singles! In this article, I will show you multiple tips and tricks for playing doubles as well as mixed doubles. Doubles Attacking Tactics Attacking in doubles is intense. …

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Badminton Tips and Tricks #2 – Singles Tactics

Defensive badminton shot at the back

Hi everybody and welcome to badminton tips and tricks #2. In this edition, we will be talking about some tactics you can use for both men’s and women’s singles to win your games. Most of the time, singles is the most strategic type of badminton. Once you reach advanced or higher level badminton, games will …

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